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Whether you need a full office IT Solutions and IT Support or
address a specific technology need; we offer cost-effective solutions
for small to medium sized businesses, and corporate branch offices.
We can recommend and implement a solution or assist your IT staff with the solution.
Our solutions offer you state of the art technology, reliability, security,
flexibility and cost-savings.
What can we do for You...


Cloud Service

Cloud based services for better reliability and flexibility. Our IT Consultants will recommend cost-effective secure, reliable, Business Class Cloud services. We offer several secure cloud service options for backup, file sharing, document management, Cloud computing, and Software-as-a-Service. We will setup, implement, and monitor your cloud services.


We offer Microsoft Networking and Application solutions through our Microsoft Certified Partner. Our expert consultants will review and recommend IT Solutions based on your needs and budget. We can provide a complete network solution, an update of current network, or add enhancements. Our solutions encompass office networks, off-site, and mobile computing needs.

Data Protection

We offer several secure software, hardware, cloud, off-site and on-site backup solutions through our vendors and partners. Data protections solutions offer secure, encryption of data and safe storage to protect your valuable data in the event of a hard drive failure or other need to recover and restore data. Our IT Consultants will review your data protection requirements and provide cost-effective solutions.


D&M Networking offers secure network solutions to meet office, wireless, mobile computing, internet, off-site and cloud network security requirements. we offer hardware and software security solutions including next generation firewall technology; this technology will enhance security by controlling applications and cost in a web 2.0 environment.


Secure mobile Network accessibility for a variety of mobile devices is both a hardware and a software solution. D&M IT Consultants will recommend a Networking Mobile Device Management Solution designed to fit your mobile computing, security, and budgetary needs. We will help to design, setup, monitor, and update a secure wireless network infrastructure to implement your mobile device requirements.


We offers Remote Management and Monitoring solutions and support combined with on-site support for a complete Network management solution. We will recommend, setup, and implement a cost-effective remote solution to meet your needs.

Maintenance Plans

D&M Networking offers Cost-Effective flexible service plans. As your local reliable IT service partner, we supply the IT resources and the expertise to help you manage and reduce your IT costs.