How Long Will It Take To Fix My Mac/PC?

It depends on the severity of the issue. Most Virus related issues can be resolved within a 24/48 HR window. Expedited, same-day repairs can also be accommodated upon request.

Do you offer House Calls In My Area?

We provide on-site computer repair and installation services throughout Passaic,Essex and Bergen Counties.
Call us toll free at 201-468-6022 to learn more.

Can You Help Me Protect My PC From Viruses?

Yes we sure can! Don’t be fooled by any technician that tell you they have a solution to it all and you will never catch a virus.
Here at D&M we educate our customer with the facts and the knowledge that will reduce the chances of catching viruses.
Software related protection Antivirus/ Anti Malware is readily available to be installed at your request.

Why choose D&M Networking & Computer Solutions?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our technicians are qualified, professional and friendly.
We have 20+ years in business,Our track record and longevity says it all.

What Are The Benefits Of Your Services?

There are many benefits to working with D&M. We provide prompt professional responses to resolving your issues ensuring your complete peace of mind.
We are always available and provide in-person, on-site and online services.

Do You Offer Online Computer Support?

We do provide remote troubleshooting. Keep in mind that not all computer issues can be resolved remotely.
However we ensure that any networking or configuration problems affecting your organization are solved in a timely manner.

Why Would I Want To Hire Online Computer Support / Service?

You would want to use our services because we save you time and money. Our IT services and computer repair can also be done on-site.
Onsite repair will provide you huge convenience which means your repair will be done in the matter of hours.

Where Are You Located?

We are located at 75 Broadway, Elmwood Park NJ,07404 Phone (201) -468-6022

Do I Need An Appointment?

No, Walk ins are welcome.